We're supporting #NoMoreNoShows

#NoMoreNoShows is a campaign that been introduced in Manchester to help cut the amount of people booking into restaurants and then just simply not turning up.

This has always been an issue in the hospitality industry, costing restaurants a lot of money, however, since the Covid-19 pandemic and the reopening of restaurants with safety measures in place including the loss of covers, in some cases reducing the amount of people able to sit in by up to 50% this is becoming a bigger problem causing restaurants to lose thousands of pounds due to no shows. 

The #NoMoreNoShows is making a stand to help restaurants to raise awareness on how this affects their business, to encourage people to make deposits upon booking and to simply call if you cannot make it to your reevered slot. 

Restaurants need to be confident in implementing a deposit policy and pursuing this, making sure they take deposits from everybody and are not worried to ask customers to do so. 


The Marketing Agent, Antonia Gentile asked for peoples thoughts on LinkedIn. 

John Minshall, Owner of Staffordshire Premier Travel commented on how he feels this will make its way into his industry: 

"Some restaurants might have to take booking deposits, if they’re suffering from a high ‘no show’ %. On a lesser scale I can see that process working it’s way into the taxi trade, for certain types of booking anyway. And who could blame them (based on Tom Kerridge’s recent experience)!"

Dominic Bowers, Managing Director at Totally Delicious commented:

"I think it’s a fair request, if you are going in the first place what’s the issue?"

Christina Ratcliffe, Food Safety Consultant at The Food Safety Company, compared this to other hospitality sectors:

"Why not? you have to give a card number when you make a booking on Expedia or Travel republic and get charged if you do not show"

Please take the time to understand the reasons why 'no shows' are frustrating to restaurant owners.

  1. They need you to confirm that you will bring a party of people in to fill their restaurants so they can justify the cost for labour.
  2. They need to justify the level of ordering and cannot afford to waste ingredients.
  3. They simply could have offered your table to somebody else who was keen to dine with them.
  4. It's upsetting.

Be mindful. If you can't come, that's fine. Just let them know.

Find it. Score it. is supporting the #NoMoreNoShows campaign. Our Staffordshire Restaurant Online Membership allows restaurants to integrate a third party booking system onto their listing, we would encourage you to do this so you are able to take deposits via the platform. If you want to join our our platform and be registered as a Find it. Score it. Member, click here to send us an email, call 07701 332 352 or click here to join via our website