Why our business reviews are different...

You don't have to worry about asking for reviews from your customers with Find it. Score it...

We always want our customers to give us valuable feedback whether its negative or positive, however, sometimes if you don't feel like the service you provided was the best of your ability, you may be worried to ask them for a review. 

It's always better to get the customers feedback at the point of their visit so you can thank them or rectify any issues at that point, however, we have built a website that creates more reassurance for businesses. 

How does it work? 

With Find it. Score it. if you get a 3* or below in a review, the reviewer is asked at the point of leaving the review to provide their email address and/or their telephone number. 

When you receive the negative review, it will go into a holding on your dashboard for 10 days so you can contact them directly to rectify any issues. 

You may ask them to delete the review and provide them with a freebie or a revisit...

If you don't wish to contact them directly, you can leave a public respnse to their review so its is visible to anyone visiting your listing. 

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