Review policy is committed to being the most trusted online destination for consumers to connect with businesses. Central to this trust are our business reviews, and we are dedicated to ensuring that consumers can trust existing, and post new reviews.

This is all achieved through simple processes and clear policies as outlined below. We ask both reviewers and business owners to share our values and abide by these principles and guidelines and the Reviews Policy.

Reviews content guidelines

Posting a review
Our review service offers consumers the opportunity to rate and review their genuine, first hand, experiences with the businesses they use. Specifically:

  • A consumer can only review a business with whom they have had a direct, first hand, experience. Not based on what they heard from friends or relatives.
  • For clarity, our definition of an experience is where a business has been actively engaged as part of a buying process or delivery of the service. A consumer can only review a business to the extent of their direct experience, e.g. a consumer who obtained a quote from a business but did not accept the service can review their experience with obtaining the quote but cannot review the delivery or ongoing support for the service.
  • In addition, you may not write a review about a business:
  1. That you or any family member have any financial interest in;
  2. That you are employed by or otherwise work for;
  3. That is a competitor to a business that you or any family member have any financial interest in, are employed by or otherwise work for;
  4. In exchange for payment; or
  5. Where your interaction occurred more than 12 months previous to submitting the review
  • Consumers are able to post a review across a range of different devices/channels – desktop and mobile.
  • As a minimum, consumers need to provide a rating (1-5 stars) of a business
  • Our advice for consumers is that if they have had a bad experience with a business they try to explain to them why in their review. Genuine negative feedback is fine, but constructive criticism is much more useful to the business and potential customers than an angry rant.
  • The personal details of users will never be shared with the subject of their review, or 3rd parties, without obtaining permission, unless we are required to share them related to a court or government order. The review system requires the user to supply their phone number and/or their email address when submitting a review so the business can contact the reviewer to rectify any issues or invite you back for a positive experience. 
  • We encourage free speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. But, we do not permit abusive or offensive behaviour, towards businesses or other users. This includes (but is not limited to) the use of profanities; threats; prejudiced comments; hate speech; and/ or, sexually explicit language. All user generated content material posted on the Finditscoreit website, must comply with both the guidance in this Reviews Policy and the Conditions of Use.
  • We respect our users’ privacy and do our utmost to protect it (see our Privacy Policy for more details). We expect users to join us in protecting people’s privacy and for reviews to be unbiased and objective. Mentioning the celebrity owner of a bar/restaurant is fine, but detailing personal information such as full names, email addresses, mailing addresses; phone numbers; as well as bank and card details for, individual members of staff, or any other individual, is strictly prohibited. If a review does contain this type of information it may be removed.
  • Anything posted should be a reviewer’s own, unique work. This includes not uploading images/ videos, or using content in videos to which someone else owns the copyright, such as music tracks, snippets of copyrighted programmes or videos made by other users and unattributed quotes. Content may be removed, without notice, if we receive a complaint from the copyright owner.
  • All reviewers should be aware that the content they submit becomes visible to anyone who visits the website, so they need to check what they’re posting meets our Conditions of Use.

Responding to a review using the phone number and/or email address supplied by the customer 

  • Businesses will be notified when they receive an new review
  • Reviews with a 3* or below will show in 'Pending reviews' on the business dashboard 
  • The business then has 10 days to make contact with the customer via the email address and/or phone number before the review is published. 
  • If you are able to rectify any issues that did arise, the customer can delete their review from 'Your reviews' on the customer dashboard. 

Responding to a review publically 

  • Businesses will proactively be informed whenever any new review is posted against their business, subject to having review notification functionality switched on.
  • Anyone, who has registered for a account, can respond to a posted review on their business.
  • Businesses can do this via the ‘Pending reviews’ page within their account.
  • Any comments should be constructive and written in a non-biased way. They also need to adhere to policies associated with ‘Posting a Review’, other than the need to provide a star rating.
  • All comments will be published in real-time and will be visible to all.

Reporting a review

  • We do not edit, pre-vet or review any third party material before it is published on the website. We actively encourage any party to report any review, that they believe to contravene our policies by using the ‘report review’ link on the specific review.
  • In the event of a review being reported, we will assess the review against our policy. If the review is not in breach of the policy but is believed by the reporter to be posted by an individual who is not recognised as someone who has had an experience with the business, we will contact the reviewer within 2 working days, via email, and provide 3 working days for the provision of further information to support a decision being made around the veracity of the review. In the absence of a response, the review will be withdrawn as unsubstantiated.
  • Where a review is reported as defamatory the person reporting the review will be advised of the outcome within 10 working days of the email being sent to the reviewer.
  • If the veracity of a reported review is substantiated it will remain in place, irrespective of Yell’s relationship with the reviewed business. Substantiation will be based on Yell being ‘satisfied’ that the review meets our policies. The only exception to this is if the reviewed business decides to suppress the review functionality from their listing altogether. In this case, all review data both positive and negative is removed and the business can no longer receive any reviews.

Requesting a review

  • We actively encourage all businesses to proactively manage their online reputation. This includes the ability to request reviews from their own customers (not friends or family). This can be done online via the share button on their profile, this can share their profile to social media channels to request reviews. 
  • Offline requests can also be made, with consumers needing to be directed to business name/leave a review 
  • We supply all businesses with cards to give to their customers so they know whwre to go to leave a review. 
  • How reviews are accessed and reflected in a business’s listing
  • We will ascribe an overall reviews star rating for a business, using an algorithm that looks at volumes of reviews by star rating.
  • Star ratings will feature against a business’s listing, and within their business profile
  • Specific reviews will be accessible via a business’s profile page.
  • In some cases reviews are also published in 3rd party search results e.g. Google.

Getting in touch
If you need help with a Listing or information on any of our services please visit the conatct us page or contact your account manager using the details provided on sign up. 

We reserve the right to remove a review at any time for any reason. The reviews posted on are individual and highly subjective opinions. The opinions expressed in reviews are user opinions and not that of Find it. Score it.

We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers and we are not affiliated with any establishment listed or reviewed on this website.