FAQS about Find it. Score it. reviews 

What is reviews by Find it. Score it. 

Business reviews are a huge asset to businesses in relation to driving more footfall to bricks and mortar and more online traffic to website based businesses. Our business objective is to get more people to rate and review businesses online to help small and medium sized businesses to generate more custom and in turn, more turnover. 

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How do the reviews work for a business owner? 

As a marketing team with experience in business to consumer related companies with lots of online presence, we know how difficult it can be to maintain a positive brand because of high expectations from customers. 

We're not for one minute saying that service should not be to the best of your ability, however, we've had experience of customers waiting just 10 minutes for a coffee and leaving a 1* review. 

Also, can you relate to the following? You have had a negative review from a customer that

1. has not raised any issues or concerns at the time of their visit to your business?

2. After checking back with a customer and even asking for their feedback face to face, they have sung your praises but then gone away to leave a negative review, not allowing you to rectifjy any issues at site level and going away to tarnish your online reputation to others. 

It can be extremely frustrating as a business owner. 

Find it. Score it. allows businesses to contact any reviewers via their phone number or email address so they can rectify any issues, invite you back to their business, offer alternative service or product or even contact you with a repeat custom discount. 

How can I contact Find it. Score it about reviews? 

If you have any queries about reviews left on Find it. Score it. You can contact us via our contact form. If you are a business owner, you should contact us via your account manager details.